Mission Statement: The mission of the American Pro-Life Enterprise is to provide our clients with quality, pharmaceutical grade, economical products which assist, help and enhance their physical well-being, based on Traditional Catholic social principles.


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Welcome to the American Pro-Life Enterprise, the only pro-life/pro-family one-stop site on the net for all your family's vitamin and nutritional needs! We have striven to provide America and our friends abroad with economical, high quality products since 1987. We do not stock nor dispense any so-called "contraceptives" or abortifacients. A portion of our annual profits are donated back to pro-life and pro-family groups, something which--we think--no other provider like us can claim or would!

When you think of APLE's vitamins, herbals and nutritionals, think about the benefits: good nutrition, well being, improved immune system, complete nutrition, stamina, strength, healthy living, organic food, minerals, preventative care of your body-
It's Nature's Natural Health Food!


Hours of operation are 9-5 EST Monday thru Friday and 9-12 Saturdays. Please keep in mind, we are closed all Holy Days of Obligation under the Traditional Catholic calendar. Orders received before 11AM EST will be shipped the same day otherwise the next business day.


We offer quantity discounts on all our products (5% if you buy 3-5 of the same item, 10% if you buy 6 or more of the same item). Don't worry if the discounted amount doesn't show on your browser; we humans do all the final calculations and will apply all correct discounts to your order! We know you'll be pleased with the service and the products we provide you and your family.

Pursuant to a recent US Supreme Court decision, we will be required to collect sales tax on your order for your state/local taxing authority.

History: Founded in 1987, Kuhar Konsultants, Inc (KKI) is the corporate name operating under the name of the American Pro-Life Enterprise (APLE). Originally a local, independent pharmacy, the company has expanded to a worldwide mission of providing economical and high quality vitamin and nutritional products for the entire family.


After shedding the retail pharmacy portion of the business in 1992, KKI has focused on health and nutrition for entire families and, along with the products listed here, offers fee-based consultation by its staff clinical pharmacist and nurse. Both have doctorates in their respective fields.


APLE provides fee-based consultation by its staff pharmacist and nurse, both of whom are credentialed with doctoral degrees. Any requests for vitamin, nutritional, health or drug related questions will be charged the standard going fee schedule, available upon request. Receipts for consultation services, like vitamin products may be submitted to your Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account, and/or your major medical carrier.


KKI works closely with the pro-life/pro-family communities including Pharmacists For Life Intl, Couple to Couple League Intl, American Life League and author Marilyn Shannon, inter alia.