My daughter's daughters have endometriosis, and we’ve tried a lot of things. I’m a new reader of Marilyn Shannon’s book Fertility Cycles & Nutrition, even though I was friends with [Shannon's] daughter growing up. I didn’t realize how many illnesses nutrition [impacts]. I’m so thankful for Marilyn! I’m hoping and praying this will give them much needed relief! If so we’ll order more."

--SG, Indiana


Your Optivite PMT vitamins have been such a God send! I am now able to stand up straight during my period (over half my life [I was] keeled over monthly)--it's a miracle! Thank you!! I tell everyone about you all!"

--ES, Washington


Thank you, [order] received and so grateful to God to find a pro-life option. Thank you for this information, so helpful! May God bless you,"

--HE, New York


Oh, thank you for letting me know [about Optivite and ProCycle PMS]! I really appreciate that and oh, that's awesome. Thanks for all your help! I look forward to using them"

--EK, Alabama


Wow, I must say I am very impressed at your prompt and thorough reply. I really appreciate it!! I have previously ordered my vitamins on Amazon but I think I will switch to your website now. I was raised Catholic but am not currently practicing. However, my recent struggles with miscarriage and hormonal imbalances caused by coming off birth control pills and using spironolactone have drawn me closer to God. I now appreciate the Church’s pro-life teaching and will never use birth control again. I see now what an amazing gift a healthy pregnancy is and what a grave sin against God it is to disrupt natural fertility. I think God brought me to the book “Fertility, Cycles, & Nutrition” and also to your website. I will be placing an order soon for either the Professional [P]renatal or the ProCycle [PMS]. Thank you again for your time!"

--RS, Ohio


Areas where you excel: Customer Service, Environment, Quality. [The] Product display on website makes it easy to find items needed and to order! God bless,"

--KH, Iowa


I recently began ordering vitamins from Kuhar [Konsultants] about 3 months ago. I just wanted to write and let you know that I am very impressed with your customer service. I usually don't write reviews but I have been very happy doing business with you. My orders have been fulfilled very quickly every time. I placed my most recent order online [on a ]Friday night. It was waiting for me in the mail when I got home this evening [Monday]. That is fast, especially over the weekend! So, thank you for working hard to fulfill my orders and I'm sure many others. You guys are awesome! I won't buy vitamins from any other place and I will recommend your company to everyone I know. Keep up the good work!"

God bless,
--MC, Ohio

"Dear Bo,

Excellent!! Again... through all of this, I greatly appreciate your help and attention to everything. Your effort and your communication has been "top-notch!" But to add to our situation with "delivery" of info [from the US Postal Service], I found it funny that this email went into my spam yesterday. I just found it this morning. Again, you were on top of things and something else let you down. I can't help but laugh a little at this point. :) AND... thank you for your advice on the Vita Andro [equivalent to Androvite]! I will certainly look into that! We were told about your company, service, and website from a couple at church. My wife has been having some "female issues" for years, and after taking her first month of Pro-Cycle PMS, she has felt a huge improvement. For this, we are very thankful! Since my wife ran out of her first order, the delay in the second order [by the Post Office] concerned my wife. She was very happy to see the package last night. God bless. JMJ+"

--SO, North Dakota

"Dear Dr Kuhar,

The American Pro Life Enterprise has made living our amazing Catholic Faith, and living a vibrant, healthy lifestyle, possible for me and my family! The supplements available naturally enhance my health and fertility cycles by creating a balance of vitamins and minerals. Optivite PMT, and now ProCycle PMS, ha(ve) been such a blessing to my husband and I! I am happier, more energetic, and my previous luteal phase deficieny has been corrected. It has made Natural Family Planning easier and an even bigger blessing to our marriage! I thank God every day that such an enterprise exists to support families like ours in healthy, natural, and faithful living choices. I thank God joyfully for APLE! Thank you to all who work to make it possible! Thank you and God bless!"

--AS, North Carolina

"Dear Bo,

Just wanted to say thank you so much, my replacement vitamins [damaged by the post office] arrived today. :) Very well packed and intact. Thanks again for the replacement, it is very kind. I've been ordering these prenatal vitamins from your store when I've been pregnant & nursing each of our 3 kiddos now. Thanks so much, I wish you all the best. And look forward to ordering more one day when baby #4 is on the way :)

All the best!" --KS, Hawai'i

"Hello and thanks! The package [of vitamins] has just arrived, everythings's perfect. We wish you a very Merry Christmas"

--GV, France

"I'm thankful for these vitamins that help me stay healthy!!"

--ID, Vermont

"Happy 25th Anniversary Bo and team. You deliver quality products and excellent service. Cheers to your continued success. Thank you!"

--MG, Florida

"Thanks so much! I just placed my re-order. Just wanted to say that I really love the ProCycle PMS! I was finally able to conceive my 3rd child the very month I began taking them. I continued using it throughout pregnancy and postpartum, AND I'm at 5 months and counting of lactation amenorrhea! It may not sound like much, but my period returned at 6-8 weeks with my first 2 children. I don't know for sure if it's the ProCycle that makes the difference, but I'm not taking any chances! Thanks for carrying a wonderful product. I love being able to support a pro-life business! God bless,"

-- JH, Military abroad

"I have been taking these vitamins [Vita PMS] for several years and am happy to report they were helpful in achieving pregnancy. My healthy, happy baby girl is 3 1/2 months old and I am grateful for your product. Thank you!"

--MK, North Dakota

"I will place a new order for the [Professional] Prenatals. I have seen them for less $$ at another online store, but decided to stick with you because I really like what you stand for, and I know a % goes to help the pro-life cause, which I feel very passionately about. I am happy to know that in the sea of compromise this country is drowning in, there are some people and companies who are willing to stand for what's right, even if it might cost them. THANK YOU. God bless."

--LR, Missouri

“I already have four children, but we were wanting to have another and we had been trying for over 6 months. I was at a picnic with several other large families and mentioned that I had been having a hard time and had a very short luteal phase. A woman overheard and told me to try Optivite. I had had people recommend them before--not since my last pregnancy--and thought, well I would give it a try. It worked immidiately and not only did I achieve a pregnancy, it really changed my mood. Thank you for your work!!!

Thank you, thank you--I was experiencing infertility and after one month of taking Optivite, we are now expecting!!!”

--RB, Illinois

“I just wanted to say thanks for providing the Vita-PMS supplements. They make a HUGE difference in my cycle and I appreciated the [free] Personal Maintenance Program so, hopefully, I'll never forget to take them :-).”

--DM, Maryland

"You guys are just the greatest people to deal with and I love what you stand for! Thanks!"

--JAS, Ohio

"You have absolutely the best prenatal pills on the market. If I stop taking them and take a substitute for even a week, I can feel the difference! Thank you!"

--MD, Ohio

"Thank you for your site, and your support of pro-life work! (I am also the director of a crisis pregnancy center so I share your heart!)"

--EC, Michigan

“I love your website and love your product offerings, but more importantly, I love what your company stands for. Keep up the good work!! God bless."

--EQ, Georgia

“I just had my fifth child. I have used Professional Prenatal vitamins with two of my pregnancies and those were the pregnancies in which I felt the healthiest. I was not exhausted in the third trimester as I had been with previous pregnancies - even with doing everything to keep up with the other children! I plan to continue taking them throughout nursing this baby as they seem to help keep my energy level up."

--AK, Nebraska

“Thank you for providing these [vitamins]! I didn't take them as regularly over Christmas and my legs and ankles started to swell alot. I thought it was because I am into my last few weeks of pregnancy, but as soon as I returned to taking 3 a day the swelling went away. They really are great. Also want to make sure I received the extra 5% off for being a registered [APLE VIP Preferred] customer. I learned how effective these vitamins were in my second pregnancy, but it was nice to be reminded again this time around. I am amazed by how many women just accept swelling as part of pregnancy. Something tells me Mary [the Mother of Jesus] didn't swell while riding for hours on that donkey...but then again--it was Mary! Merry Christmas!"

--SI, Kansas

“I have been a customer through each of my (now) three pregnancies. I have been very satisfied with your service and your quality product [Professional Prenatal Formula]! I have found nothing else out there that compares! My shipment arrived just minutes ago. Thanks for your very fast service! I only just placed my order yesterday... WOW!!! Keep up the good work! Thanks again,"

--CL, Indiana

“I got my shipment so quickly. Also you might remind customers that if they order in bulk they not only get the [volume] discount but they save so much on shipping which is also a huge discount. Thanks, again."

--LD, Indiana


Bo Kuhar, Founder, Pharmacist

Dr. Bo Kuhar

Founder, Pharmacist

Marsha Kuhar, Consulting Nurse

Dr. Marsha Kuhar

Consulting Nurse